Every morning, Saigoneers hit the road seemingly all at once, turning the streets into a sea of somewhat organised hectic chaos. Due to the narrow roads and alleyways that make up the beautiful city, these small scooters make it easy for locals and expats to zoom through the city faster than cars or buses. The rules of the road are a bit confusing as people on the zippy rides generally tend to do whatever they want. Turning signals are optional, so people often drive through red lights, and one-way street signs frequently ignored. Taxi, bus and "Honda ôm" is the main transportation in the city. If you want to move to other cities or provices then you can use bus, plane ,train or event by boat to some beach cities.


Saigon Railway Station
Saigon Railway Station is the busiest train station in Vietnam serving passengers travelling from Ho Chi Minh City, which is Vietnam’s most populous city (estimated at 8.4 million) and the economic centre of the country.
Booking Grab
Get a safe and reliable ride in minutes with Grab . With the largest pool of drivers in Southeast Asia, Grab offers the fastest booking service for taxis, private cars or motorbikes. Get app at App store(IOS) or Play store (Android).
Vinasun Taxi
Launching in May 8/2003, the model VIOS of Vietnam Toyota recives most of customer interested in recently. Taxi Vinasun decides to invest more than 300 taxi with a few minor changes in design.
Mai Linh Taxi
With over 6,000 vehicles occupied 53 provinces and cities across the country, Mai Linh taxi promises to satisfy customers with the most attentive and thoughtful services. Recently, Mai Linh taxi offers the premium Limousine service for the diversity needs of its customers.
VeXeRe is the largest bus ticket system in Vietnam, with more than 550 bus companies. Passengers can easily pre-select their favorite seats.
Mai Linh Express is a member of the Mai Linh group. Currently, the company has more than 150 vehicles traveling on 12 routes connecting more than 10 provinces and cities in the country.
Every day, with thousands of vehicles circulating on all roads, operating continuously in the provinces and cities of the country. Bus departs every 2-5 minutes from the South to Central and to the North of Vietnam.
Kumho Samco Buslines was created with the mission of serving all passengers with high quality of service. Kumho Samco Buslines is one of the high quality passenger transport company in the South region.
GreenlinesDP was founded and developed using 100% investment of DP Consulting Co., LTD, trading in passenger transport with modern high-speed catamaran ferry, operating on the domestic waterway, coastal, and island routes.
Ho Chi Minh City tour Hop on – Hop off is a flexible and convenient tour which combines transportation and sightseeing many visitor highlights of Hanoi Capital by double-decker buses.You can get on and off the bus at any bus stop during daily the trip.
Ezy Service Corporation is a subsidiary of Que Huong Liberty Corporation, a leading hospitality services provider in Vietnam. We have competitive rates, friendly service, and efficient handling of your transportation needs.
Bali Limousine International, Ltd. in Vietnam has been a major branch of Bali Limousine, lnc. in San Francisco, US since 2012. We have set the standard in Vietnam with our customized service and professional chauffeurs.

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