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Takashimaya is a real paradise for shopaholics, food enthusiasts, youngsters looking for fun and entertainment. Here you can find an array of over 400 fashion stores selling carefully-selected brands.

Diamond Department Store

Diamond Department Store was the first department store in Vietnam to propose the idea of a modern retail with its own membership card system. It also introduced the concept of high-end department store in Vietnam, while being the first to apply CRM.

Vincom Center Dong Khoi

Vincom Center Dong Khoi not only offers a comfortable and classy shopping space, it is also an attractive cultural and entertainment address of the people of the city named after Uncle as well as domestic and foreign tourists.

Parkson Plaza

Parkson is one of the first international department stores in Vietnam, Parkson has been perceived as a reliable shopping destination, offering well-known international beauty and fashion brands with standardized service.

Crescent Mall

Located at the lakefront, the mall is surrounded by landscaping, greenery, open walkways and water fountains that adds to the unique design and beauty of the mall. It is proud to be one of the first shopping mall in Vietnam which offered luxurious and international standard malling experience.

SC VivoCity

SC VivoCity is a one-stop lifestyle destination for all shoppers, especially for family, both the local and expatriate communities in Ho Chi Minh City. SC VivoCity offers the latest fashion, a hypermarket, a Cineplex as well as a mix of lifestyle, entertainment, education, and dining outlets.

Lotte Mart Shopping Mall

LOTTE Mart is a company of the Korean LOTTE group, a large supermarket chain that sells a wide range of groceries, clothing, toys, electronics and other goods. LOTTE Mart expanded to overseas markets and there are 13 supermarkets in Vietnam today.

Gigamall Shopping Center

Gigamall Shopping Center was officially launched since January 12, 2019. With a total floor area spanning over 110,000sqm and including two basements, 7 above-ground floors and 1 terrace to cater to shopping, entertainment, and office leasing.

Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien

Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien is a large mall so that it provides spacious resting area, corridors, stores, dinning spaces and entertaining spaces. Visitors can spend the whole day in the mall with the large number of retail stores, restaurants and cafes.

The Garden Mall

One of the unique attractions of The Garden Mall is the Cho Lon Cultural Area, which celebrates the splendour of the convergence between the two cultures of Vietnamese and Chinese at Gia Dinh - Saigon - Cho Lon land in over 300 years. The cozy theater space of Théatre de ChoLon is considered a cathedral for lovers of the theater arts as well as the traditional values of this rich cultural and historical land.

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