How to become a member of Concierge Association of Viet Nam (CAV)

How to become a member of Concierge Association of Viet Nam (CAV)

How to become a member of Concierge Association of Viet Nam (CAV)

If you’re interested in becoming a member of CAV (Concierge Association Vietnam), it’s essential to understand the specific criteria for each membership category. CAV offers different membership options, each tailored to individuals and businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry in Vietnam. Here’s a breakdown of the membership categories and their respective criteria:

Les Clefs d’Or Membership:

To qualify for Les Clefs d’Or membership, individuals must have accumulated a minimum of three years’ experience as a concierge within a hotel. Additionally, they should possess a strong moral character. Les Clefs d’Or membership is prestigious and exclusive, reserved for those with extensive experience and impeccable ethics within the field.

Local Members:

Local membership is open to individuals with at least one year of concierge experience in a hotel or resort. To be eligible, candidates must have an exemplary moral record. This membership category is designed to welcome individuals who are relatively new to the concierge profession but have demonstrated exceptional ethics.

Associate Members:

Businesses operating within Vietnam’s vibrant tourism industry can apply for Associate Membership. This category encompasses a wide range of sectors, including restaurants, spas, tour companies, and souvenir shops. To qualify, these businesses must offer services that align with the tourist domain, promoting synergy within the tourism industry.

To initiate your membership application, please follow the specific guidelines and procedures outlined by CAV. Each membership category offers unique opportunities and benefits, contributing to the growth and development of the hospitality and tourism sector in Vietnam through your association with CAV.

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